What is this Trog thing, Anyway?

The term "Trog" is short for "Troglodyte" ? prehistoric man, cave-dweller, "caveman", or "dude that walks on all fours". Many think modern society has evolved past the Trog, but toddlers everywhere disprove that theory handily.

Just like the early caveman invented ingenious tools to survive (stick, anyone?), TROG™ is inventing ingenious tools to help your shades (and your stacks of cash) survive. Our patented sunglass adapters are a triple-threat against just about any size frame. No longer do you need to match the right size retainer to your shades. Just grab a pair and go. Sweet!

TROG™ is chillin' in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains at the Northern-most end of Utah. With the perfect combination of snow, sun, and stony canyon faces we know how to have fun. Rock climbing, skiing, white-water rafting, hiking, sleeping under large pines ? there's no shortage of fun for the time when we're not slaving away at the factory forging the perfect insurance policy for your favorite pair of glasses.


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