The Sunglass Retainer. Reinvented.

Our sunglass retainers were created in the search for a better way to keep our favorite specs around our neck. TROG retainers are dead simple to use, built to last, and designed to be comfortable in just about any situation.

Traditional with a dash of innovation.

Every TROG sunglass retainer is carefully crafted to fit you (and your glasses) perfectly. And that craftsmanship happens right here in the United States. For you, that means quality.

In the market for a traditional sunglass retainer? We've got dozens of colors and styles to choose from. Looking for a 100% silicone retainer? We've got hundreds of combinations there, too. Best of all, you'll get our revolutionary triple-adapter tips regardless of what you go for.

A Life Preserver For Your Sunglasses

Aqua Trogs™ are our newest addition to the Trog product line. Through years of research and development we've perfected the sunglass floater. Having fun on the high seas (or the screaming streams) doesn't have to end in tragedy for your favorite pair of glasses.

Aqua Trogs will comfortably float three regulation golf balls, they'll easily carry 50 grams of nuts and bolts, yada yada yada. Bottom line: what does does all this mean for you? Buoyancy, baby! You can confidently attach the Aqua Trog to your favorite pair of glasses and be confident that they won't sink, even in the most turbulent waters. And with Aqua Trog's bright color, you'll be able to spot them bobbing along even if there's a fair amount of H2O between you and your spectacles.


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