Wristbands & Keychains

It's All In The Wrist

Accessorize yourself with TROG™ barbed wire wristbands and keychains. Choose from dozens of colors and styles, and have fun showing off the barbed wire draped around your neck, your wrists, or your keys.

Double Up With Double-Wrist Trogs

Double Trogs make for a tougher, more refined troglodyte. Sport your double Trogs while out on the town or off at the game.

Barbed Wire Keychains?
Yes Please!

Hang on to your keys in with our edgy Trog barbed wire wristband keychains. Pink, white, orange, black, silver, blue, yellow, green ? the list goes on and on. We've got plenty of colors to choose from.

Keep Your Friends Close
And Your Keys Closer

Barbed wire keychains are just the beginning. We also offer our wide variety of colors in our bone and rope designs. And the versatility doesn't end there. Use our keychains as a lanyard to hang onto a name tag or to connect your lift ticket to your ski jacket. Or keep your knickknacks attached to your backpack. There are countless ways to use our keychains. How can you use it?


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